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  • Martha

    I have seen you recently on PBS and looked over your website. I see that there are none of your clinics in Houston, Texas. I was diagnosed with ADD at 50 and am currently 68. Should I want a SPEC test would my current HMO (Texan Plus form of Medicare Advantage) cover the cost and is it easily available with other psychiatrists? Since you have pioneered use of this diagnostic tool, are you leap years ahead in diagnosing brain problems? I would like to define the kind of ADD I have, as I seem to have lost motivation and am experiencing depression. I am not on any prescribed medication but take amino acids and Omega 3’s along with a multi vitamin and B 12. I am concerned about the possiblity of memory loss and have been exposed to toxins in my apartments.

    Do you recommend any one in the Houston area? I am currently single and working 40 hours per week.l